Why You Need a Login to Access Our Site

As a wholesaler who caters to licensed nails and beauty aestheticians, nail salons, and current students of the beauty industry, we require a proof of your beauty license (nails, massage, hair, makeup, facial, etc.) in order to offer you these professional-grade products at low prices. For safety reasons, we want to ensure that our customers have the right training to properly utilize these products. Additionally, these prices are to ensure fairness for individuals who have spent the time to obtain their licenses and have the proper knowledge of offering safe, hygienic services to other individuals or customers.

How Do I Do This?

1. Sign up! 

  • Use a frequently used email​ as account notification and your personal orders will be sent here.

  • Choose a easy to remember password - if you forget though, don't worry, you can reset it later!

2. Send us an email to "" with an attachment of your license.

  • Acceptable licenses include: beauty/ aesthetician license, business license, or proof of study for aesthetics

3. Check your email frequently as your site member request will be approved soon!

4. Once you have been approved - happy shopping!

...Still confused? Don't hesitate to text or call in-store and talk to a customer representative @ 587-968-6854.



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