UV Gel & Polish Remover Wraps (200 pc/box)

UV Gel & Polish Remover Wraps (200 pc/box)

SKU: 6941834148831

Acetone Prep Pad (Rose-Scented) used for easy removal of soak-off gel & gel polish.



  • Quickly and effectively removes UV gel polish gently without damaging hands 
  • Does not dry out surface or skin
  • Great for travel 
  • Saturated with 100% Acetone 
  • How to Use

    1. Lightly buff the surface of gel or gel polish
    2. Tear off the UV gel polish remover pad along the perforated line 
    3. Tear off the film
    4. Insert finger into the UV gel polish remover 
    5. Fold the sticky side and wrap around the finger
    6. Wait 7-10 mins
    7. Remove the residual gel with pusher 



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