Gellyfit Care Lamp (AC 220V)

SKU: 8809503950414

The Gellyfit Care Lamp uses revolutionary technology that cures gel perfectly and also provides numerous, expected benefits to your clients' through the use of an infrared light. By switching to the "C" button, you can easily provide care and treat your clients' hands. The LED function generates 42 watts of energy and there are two buttons for 30 seconds and 60 seconds for easy curing.

Expected Benefits of Infrared Light for Your Skin Include:
-Healthy glow
-Smooth overall skin tone
-Builds collagen and reduces wrinkles
-Speeds the healing of blemishes and repairs sun spots
-Reduces redness, flushing, and fades scars
-Brings more moisture to your skin

**Key Features!
-Infrared Light Care Function
-42 watts of high intensity LED
-Removable magnetic bottom tray
-Manual and automatic function with touch sensors
-Silicon bow is removable - easily swapped for other colours
-30 second and 60 second timer



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