Refectocil Monodose - No. 3 Natural Brown

Refectocil Monodose - No. 3 Natural Brown

SKU: 9003877058038

Refectocil's Monodose in Natural Brown includes:

- 6 single use tint packages in Natural Brown

- 1 tinting dish

- 1 applicator stick


**Special Features - No. 3 Natural Brown tint

- Strong versatile opaque brown to create natural brunette looks

- A shade perfect for naturally brown lashes and brows

- Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints 

- Smudge and water-proof 

- Lasts up to 6 weeks


**Special Features - Tinting Dish

- Small, lightweight, durable surface for mixing tint paste

- Easy cleaning

- Shape allows easy and safe deposit of application stick


**Special Features - Application Stick

- Grooves allows separation of hairs when applying tint to ensure full coverage 

- Even tinting and beautiful results



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